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Adventures in Woodworking and Soldering

Straight off, I have to disclose that the title of this post isn’t strictly accurate. I don’t really do “woodworking.” It’s more like “woodabusing,” in which I end up forcing, splitting, cutting, re-cutting and usually abandoning what seemed like such a good idea at the time. So I may buy Read On..

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Measure Twice, Cut…How Many times?

“No Battle Plan Survives Contact With the Enemy” –  Helmuth von Moltke If you haven’t figured it out from my posts to date, the initial battery installation didn’t go as smoothly as planned. There were some speed bumps. A few dips in the road. A couple of potholes. A long, Read On..

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My Bespoke Battery Bank

Apologies in advance for this next series of several posts. I’ve been neck-deep in battery upgrades since my last post, and we’ve not really done much that is all that fun to blog about. So these wil be a bit technical, talky, and without many pictures of cool places or Read On..

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