This web site and cruising blog is about the ongoing adventures of the crew of the sailing vessel Evenstar.

We don’t have a set goal.

We don’t have a time frame.  We like to sail to Australia before our oldest leaves us for college.  Beyond that?

We moved on our boat in 2012 with intending to see as much of the world as we can.

This is not just a travel log of pictures and stories of cool places, though there is a lot of that.

There is also a lot about boating life and cruising life – the things that make our unusual lifestyle so different and rewarding.

So you are going to see the occasional screed about repairing a generator right after a story about cocktails in a lovely harbor.  But it is also a place for the authors to indulge our will about what we think is important about “the life”.


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  1. Mark Roope says:

    We have also been living aboard and sailing for the last 4 years but we are currently in the Med. We started off with our two teenage kids but one has gone back home to work.
    We have really enjoyed reading your website and blog so keep it up. One day soon we will be following you across the Pacific so keep a beer in the fridge for when we meet.