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The Wonder and Terror of Lithium Batteries

Welcome to my Research Project Lithium batteries are a wonderful technology. They are lighter, charge better, and are so efficient. OH MY GOD YOUR BOAT IS GOING TO EXPLODE LIKE A GALAXY NOTE SEVEN ON A TRANSCONTINENTAL FLIGHT! You’ll get so much more life out of them, they’ll last for Read On..

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Batteries – the Vexing Problem of the Hour

…or as Kathy says “Can you maybe not say the B-word for an hour, please?” Apologies in advance…things are gonna get technical about batteries. If you’re into that, the buckle up because it’s going to get bumpy. It will be a multi-part post, because there’s a lot going on. I’m Read On..

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10,000 Monkeys

The operating theory is that 10,000 monkeys, given infinite amount of time randomly punching buttons on a typewriter, would eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare. A corollary is that one immortal monkey would actually suffice, if the time given is infinite. Since I have neither immortality or unlimited time Read On..

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Evil Alternator: 2 Stubborn but Dense Boat Captain: ZERO

The reports of the submission of my alternator to my will have been greatly exaggerated. For a brief, glorious moment or three it charged my batteries. I was euphoric, I had not seen 30 Amps of current coming off my alternator since I don’t know when. Of course it was Read On..

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More P&M about….pumps. And smells.

On our recent vacation we noticed a very distinctive and odd odor. While boat odors are not “normal” in the sense that your boat shouldn’t stink, there are certain odors that are more…common. The “Head Smell”, when something is fouled and wrong with the lavatory, the “Dead Sea Things Smell” Read On..

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