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Parts is Parts

One of the many items on the to-do list is to assemble a list of spares.  In some remote parts of the world, if you can believe this, Federal Express does not guarantee delivery by 10:00 a.m. next business day.  In fact I’ve experienced just that in the wilderness of Read On..

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Time & Sobriety

Both of which were apparently in short supply the Provincetown vacation…so I’m way behind on updates. What a nice vacation – great fun traveling with friends. Cuttyhunk was a pleasant stay for us, we got to walk around a bit and have a relaxing visit. Provincetown is, well altogether different. Read On..

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10,000 Monkeys

The operating theory is that 10,000 monkeys, given infinite amount of time randomly punching buttons on a typewriter, would eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare. A corollary is that one immortal monkey would actually suffice, if the time given is infinite. Since I have neither immortality or unlimited time Read On..

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Evil Alternator: 2 Stubborn but Dense Boat Captain: ZERO

The reports of the submission of my alternator to my will have been greatly exaggerated. For a brief, glorious moment or three it charged my batteries. I was euphoric, I had not seen 30 Amps of current coming off my alternator since I don’t know when. Of course it was Read On..

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The Bane of My Existance…VANQUISHED

To date, I have not had good luck with Evenstar’s 24 volt alternator. It’s pretty much been entirely my fault, and there is some back story. Suffice it to say that in spite of the original alternator and two new ones over the last three years I’ve not managed to Read On..

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