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Fruit Roulette

The Really Cool Organic Shopping Experience Before leaving the Galapagos we visited a local organic farm to get some fresh produce. After the paltry selections we available in the little tiendas in the towns perhaps we got a little too excited about the fresh produce. We do that. The farm Read On..

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Rhymes with "Generator"

A larger and considerably cleaner generator than ours. So does anyone have a good phrase for me that rhymes with “Generator Oil Leak” because I’m thinking Bad Poetry in the Epic format may be the only way to make this entertaining. One of the reason that our blog posts have Read On..

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The Bane of My Existance…VANQUISHED

To date, I have not had good luck with Evenstar’s 24 volt alternator. It’s pretty much been entirely my fault, and there is some back story. Suffice it to say that in spite of the original alternator and two new ones over the last three years I’ve not managed to Read On..

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More P&M about….pumps. And smells.

On our recent vacation we noticed a very distinctive and odd odor. While boat odors are not “normal” in the sense that your boat shouldn’t stink, there are certain odors that are more…common. The “Head Smell”, when something is fouled and wrong with the lavatory, the “Dead Sea Things Smell” Read On..

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For lack of a more pithy word – BLECH!

The head is of course the worst part of the boat to deal with. Outside of losing a couple of fingers in a fan belt, which would no doubt suck, what is the worst that can happen anywhere else? Oil, dirt, grease, stinky critters, sea slime and various toxins? Only Read On..

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