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Anonymous Minor Delay

Names have been changed in this article to protect the innocent…if any of them can be found. Recently a vessel had to had her mast removed in a foreign location to service a main sail furling system.  On returning the mast to the boat, it was decided that the masthead Read On..

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Well THAT Was Interesting

We’ve taken the mast off of Evenstar before.  A couple of times in fact.  When storing on land in the winter her mast is so tall that the windage is dangerous, so to avoid shaking, rattling and damage to the boat we pulled the mast when we did it. It Read On..

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The Main Problem

This has been an extremely difficult post to write and I’ve been putting it off even though we’ve been aware of this problem for some time.  It has been hard not because the awfulness or severity of the problem (but it is severe, awful and expensive), but rather how the Read On..

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Mr. Fixit’s Update

Progress is being made on our repairs, but not fast enough. We’d planned to be in Costa Rica some time ago.  Will was scheduled to spend a couple of weeks interning at Robert H. Perry Yacht Design (and see Bob’s blog in the blog roll) so we booked a flight Read On..

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The Week of Broken Things

This is the week we discovered a few more major things were broken and needed to be dealt with. And we also paid the price for not addressing some of these things the second we noticed them, and for not being aggressive enough checking things out before we left. If Read On..

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Generator Blues, the Refrain

Well my Gen’rator ain’t working, and I ain’t got me no power No, no my Gen’rator ain’t working, and I ain’t got me no power We done fixed the Stator and its makin’ juice But the heat exchanger’s broken, ready to cut it loose ‘Cause it’s leaking sea water and Read On..

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Generator Blues

Long time readers may remember our adventures with our generator shortly after we set out cruising in the fall of 2012.  Well, this is a lot worse.  Back then I was considering setting the story into epic verse just to keep an overly technical post interesting.  I’m thinking maybe this Read On..

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Farewell to Trinidad

As much as we loved Trinidad, the time to leave came much more quickly than we wanted it to. To a cruiser schedules are an anathema.  This is something that is hard to convey to the non-cruiser, after all they rarely commit themselves to the land-bound equivalent of a passage Read On..

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Trip to St. Martin – Busted Backstay Edition

In hindsight we agreed that to date, it was the most terrifying thing we’ve dealt with on the boat so far. Something in fact that most people hope never to deal with. Everything started out according to plan. We took some Stugeron Thursday night and went to bed, no seasickness Read On..

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Frozen Out

The best best laid plans of mice and me oft go awry… Although I’ve not yet gotten the blog caught up with our physical location (I think I left you somewhere in the USVI National Park on St. John) we’ve been back in the British Virgin Islands for over a Read On..

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