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Batteries – the Vexing Problem of the Hour

…or as Kathy says “Can you maybe not say the B-word for an hour, please?” Apologies in advance…things are gonna get technical about batteries. If you’re into that, the buckle up because it’s going to get bumpy. It will be a multi-part post, because there’s a lot going on. I’m Read On..

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I Have Always Relied on the Kindness of Others…

Blanche Dubois contemplates the technical issues confronting her autopilot installation. or “The Second Worst Project Ever:  The Stunning Conclusion“ There is no way this autopilot installation would ever have come together relying purely on my own technical skills.  As previously stated, I’m pretty decent with electrical and electronic things – Read On..

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Trip Reports – Block Island and Block Island

Yeah, it sounds a little repetitive.  But Block Island at this time of year is nice.  It’s a little too cool for the beaches but there aren’t any crowds.  All of the restaurants are pretty much open and there are few waits.  The only crowds are associated with sail boat Read On..

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Ghosts in the Machine…

So nothing goes off perfectly and this electronics installation is no different.  This past weekend we found a couple of glitches, mostly to do with my skill at assembling “Field Installable” NMEA 2000 connectors.  These are a necessary evil unless you want to drill giant holes all over your boat Read On..

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Field Report #1 – the New Electronics!

So the Memorial Day trip to Block Island gave us a chance to check out the new electronics and see how it all works.  It was a clear beautiful weekend and a gorgeous trip out and back, perfect conditions to test and play.  Being able to see with the MkI Read On..

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Autopilot Madness – a bit of a Rant

So yesterday I FINALLY figured out what exactly Furuno meant in their manuals for installing the PG500R “Rate Compensated Heading Sensor” which ships as part of the Navpilot 511 Autopilot system. I thought it was me, I thought I just wasn’t getting it.  After all how could these new, state-of-the-art Read On..

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Progress Report Part 1…Electronics

So there is a LOT going on with Evenstar.  The two largest projects are the electronics upgrade and the bottom refinishing.  I’ll address the latter with a later post. And I promise pictures of the new equipment installs as soon as I’ve vacuumed up all the little bits of snipped Read On..

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I’ve got music at least…

And I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. So I figured I’d do my first “putting new stuff in” on something REALLY easy.  Take a swing at a softball, grab the low hanging fruit and all that to get my confidence up. What can be easier than a Read On..

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No, unfortunately I am not talking about my abs or my pecs.  Rather I am talking about the state of affairs on board Evenstar. The electronics installation has finally commenced; better late than never.  Delayed several weeks by (planned) vacations, (unplanned) floods and (unplanned) children’s illnesses I’ve final started in Read On..

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Baby Steps

So tomorrow I official start my first steps in the Great Electronics Overhaul of 2010 (or the Great Furuno Debacle of 2010…depending on your perspective). Running a cable for the new wind transducer. Well, pulling the old cable OUT, that’s really the scary part.  Putting the new cable in isn’t Read On..

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