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New Year’s Madness on Sydney Harbor (Bucket List Week, Part 2)

First off, I’ve got to admit up front – I don’t have great photos or video from our New Year’s Eve on Sydney Harbor. So I’m going to have to borrow, link, and credit. Good firework photography requires a few things – a long exposure time, a stable platform, and Read On..

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Well THAT Was Interesting

We’ve taken the mast off of Evenstar before.  A couple of times in fact.  When storing on land in the winter her mast is so tall that the windage is dangerous, so to avoid shaking, rattling and damage to the boat we pulled the mast when we did it. It Read On..

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Wild Ride!

The ride from Maine back to Points South was a wild, fast one.  Because of our boat though, it wasn’t so wet! After labor day we started watching for our window to sail back South to Rhode Island, where we have a few things to attend to before heading for Read On..

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"May you live in interesting times"

My father-in-law and his companion were in town for the weekend, so we decided a milk run to Block Island would be in order. An easy trip, plenty to do, and we’ve done it all before. Right. Friday was uneventful, in fact things came together so well that it was Read On..

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