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Playing Catch Up…Again

Bless me father, for I have sinned…it’s been three months since my last blog post… Sometimes posting to the blog gets away from me. Okay, fairly often of late posting to the blog gets away from me. Usually, it’s when we’re not actually doing all that much interesting. We’ve spent Read On..

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Request to Help With Sharing!

Once again, I’d like to ask my our readers if they could take a moment to share the blog posts up on Facebook, particularly if someone could share it on the Sail Evenstar Facebook Page. While I can regale you with tales of high adventure about sailing downwind slowly, breaking Read On..

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“Lacks Discipline, Motivation…”

That title may not be an actual direct quote from one of my high school teachers but it certainly could be a paraphrase from a lot of my progress reports over the years. I admit it, I sometimes really, really stink at this internet blogging thing.  It requires a discipline Read On..


Milestones II

Two Years and 10,000 Miles We’ve recently passed a couple of major milestones in our trip, which of course we largely forget to commemorate ourselves so we didn’t make a big social media production out to them either. Two Years It was July 22, 2012 at 4:30 in the afternoon Read On..

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Remote Blogging Update

My apologies for dropping of on the blog updates for a couple of days, but the internet seems to have disappeared. Oh it’s still there I am sure, I can see it on my phone that I finally coughed up for a data plan last month. But an iPhone keyboard Read On..

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Apologies in Advance (and After the Fact)

Anyone that is linked to this blog or me by various social media I’d like to offer a brief apology for the blog’s hyperactive behavior. With the new blog location I can use a lot of more powerful features including things like linking automatically to social media automatically. This saves Read On..

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Well That Was Fast

Hmmm…seems we’re here on the new site already. Without getting into gruesome technical detail…the hoops I had to jump through to get the old articles to link to the new site meant I need to install a “redirect” almost immediately.  Sort of before I was ready to, but here it Read On..

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Movin’ on Up

First of all – many apologies for the lack of content.  Between our trip to the U.S., moving through the Panama Canal, visits from friends and dealing with some ongoing technical issues with the generator I’ve just been too busy (and somewhat devoid of interesting events) to get caught up. Read On..

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