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Catching Up in New Zealand

First, my profuse apologies for not updating this more.  I’ve been writing, but writing fiction, not blogging. That’s been taking a lot of my time. The good news is I’ve written something like 130,000 words since last July. But very few of those words ended up in this blog. Whether Read On..

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Hard Times in New Zealand

The day I have dreaded for weeks has almost arrived.  Tomorrow at 1:00 in the afternoon we’re pulling Evenstar for a week and putting her on stands on the hard. Hopefully no more than a week. We’re doing this for a few reasons, but mostly because we are getting the Read On..

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The Prodigal Post – Getting Caught Up

My apologies for not posting for nearly two months. It’s been busy since coming back to New Zealand, and I’ve been wrapped up in some other things that have kept me from updating the blog. And, as usual, when we get someplace we stay for a long time, blog updates Read On..

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Day Six to NZ – Oh Look! More Motoring!

Distance to Arrival: 146 NM Current ETA: 3:00 PM (+/-), Nov. 25th This will be a brief post, I’ve waited until later than usual to get it out there and I need to get to bed before watch. The wind hasn’t filled in much. The prediction is we might see Read On..

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Day 5 to NZ – Motoring, Motoring Now We Go…

Distance to Opua, NZ: 347.5 NM ETA: Some time Wednesday afternoon, 11/25/15 Still no wind. At one point we had a hint of some maybe wind late this morning when it crept up to six whole knots of breeze. But this was from the North, directly behind us. The only Read On..

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Day 4 to NZ – Bye Bye, Wind.

Miles to Go: 516 (Well past half way!) So what I’m thinking is that the front/trough/whatever we hit two days ago was moving a little than predicted. It caught us a day earlier that we expected, and has now disappeared a day earlier than expected as well. That’s my theory Read On..

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Day 3 to NZ – So THAT Wasn’t in the GRIB File!

Distance to go: 694 NM GRIB File: Short for “Gridded Binary”, these are the files that contain weather data that sailors download to predict future weather. There are several sources of them, but the most common are the “GFS” model and the “Euro” model, representing the source of the weather Read On..

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Day Two to NZ – Careful What You Wish For

DISTANCE TO NZ: 803.5 NM No wind, engine running. Keeping it slow to save fuel. There was wind, from the perfect direction, but it was less than eight knots. Usually more like four or five knots. Forget making it to New Zealand by Thanksgiving, sailing in that sort of wind Read On..

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Day One Back to New Zealand – Slow Going

So far, anyway, it hasn’t been a very fast trip. But we expected that. The weather forecast for the coming week shows a lot of “holes” – meaning holes in the wind, patches where the wind would be nonexistent. It’s not ideal, but we left anyway. In a perfect world, Read On..

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Day One Back to New Zealand – Slow Going

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