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Zarpe Diem

We have our Zarpe, or exit paperwork for exiting Panama. Our passports are stamped and we are cleared out.  We have a few more housekeeping tasks like storing the dinghy on the deck and we are ready to move.  We should be underway in a couple of hours. We estimate Read On..

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Getting Ready to Go

We’ve finally gotten our package with our documentation from the states, the major repairs are complete, and we are now preparing to leave Panama for the Galapagos. Which means work. Lots and lots of work. We have a long list of things to secure, check, service or fix to make Read On..

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Well THAT Was Interesting

We’ve taken the mast off of Evenstar before.  A couple of times in fact.  When storing on land in the winter her mast is so tall that the windage is dangerous, so to avoid shaking, rattling and damage to the boat we pulled the mast when we did it. It Read On..

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The Main Problem

This has been an extremely difficult post to write and I’ve been putting it off even though we’ve been aware of this problem for some time.  It has been hard not because the awfulness or severity of the problem (but it is severe, awful and expensive), but rather how the Read On..

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An Escape to Las Perlas

After weeks in Panama City trying to get the boat prepared to cross the Pacific we needed a break. We’d been tiring of the difficult dinghy situations, constant soot on the boat from the city, and discovering new things to fix or replace. It’s been quite some time since we’d Read On..

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Dinghy Dock Casualties

A few weeks back I posted about the horrible dinghy dock here at the Las Brisas anchorage.  Although much of that post was tongue in cheek it is possible I underestimated the nastiness of the situation. A couple of days after that post I slipped on the dock.  I was Read On..

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Mi Español es Muy Pequeño

Communicating in Panama has been the biggest challenge here, at least for me it is what I’ve struggled with more than anything else. “Mi Español es Muy Pequeño” or “My Spanish is really small” may be the most helpful phrase I’ve learned to date.  It at least gets me a Read On..

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The Death Defying Dinghy Dock

Come join the Flying Porter Family as we once again make the daring slippery spider-walk across maybe the worst dinghy dock we’ve ever come across! Now, it is not the worst – because there is a dock at least.  Beach landings can be tricky if there are any waves.  For Read On..

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Through the Panama Canal – the Gripping Conclusion

Alarms went off early the morning of December 4th as we awoke to prepare for the arrival of a new canal adviser.  We’d spent a quiet night tied up to the mooring buoy provided for us and were expecting, or rather hoping for, the arrival of our adviser a 6:00 Read On..

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Panama Canal…Continued

When last you tuned in (I hope) Evenstar was slipping towards the Panama Canal in the gloaming of the Panamanian twilight.  With our lines ready to go and our adviser on board we are ready to make our passage to the Pacific. Well, sort of.  Coming from North to South Read On..

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