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Why You Should Check Your Oil Every Day – Day 5 to Fiji

Every book on cruising, every engine user manual, every “tips and tricks for not killing your engine” guide, every coastal and cruising instructional course out there says one thing in common: Check your engine oil every day. This is basic, but I am convinced that only the most meticulous people Read On..

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Shorts Ho! Day 4 to Fiji

Woohoo its finally starting to feel tropical! This morning it is warm enough to wear just shorts and a t-shirt in the cockpit and no shoes. Finally! Last night for about an hour we had some great wind – 18 to 20 knots on the beam – I sailed blissfully Read On..

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Day 3 to Fiji – Do a Wind Dance, Please.

Do you remember yesterday how I was complaining that the wind was “all from the wrong direction”, “dead down wind” and “slow”? I take it all back. Last night the wind started getting lighter and more shifty. All night we watched it closely, heading the boat up for speed when Read On..

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Request to Help With Sharing!

Once again, I’d like to ask my our readers if they could take a moment to share the blog posts up on Facebook, particularly if someone could share it on the Sail Evenstar Facebook Page. While I can regale you with tales of high adventure about sailing downwind slowly, breaking Read On..

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//WL2K Slow Boat to Fiji – Day 2

Well we’re not getting there fast, that’s for sure. And its still pretty cold. Getting warmer, but not so as you’d want to be running around in shorts just yet. Or even just one layer of clothes. We’re still sailing downwind and putting up less than stellar performance numbers; the Read On..

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Its Not Warm Yet – Day one to Fiji

We’re almost a full day en route to Fiji and I can say unequivocally that it has not actually started to get warm yet. Our current latitude is analogous to somewhere in South Carolina, though we don’t have a great big land mass nearby. The is from the South, which Read On..

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All our Bags are Packed, Ready to Go

No, we’re not Leaving on a Jet Plane, but we are leaving New Zealand today. We’ve been here six months, its getting cold, and we’re ready to head to warmer places for a while, so its off to Fiji. It is about a six-day trip, plus or minus a day.  Read On..

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We’re in New Zealand!

Evenstar is safely tied to the Customs Quarantine Dock in Opua, New Zealand, arriving at 1800 local time on Friday 11/21/2014. I’ll be back with more information, but thanks to all that sweated this one out with us!

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Oh Goody, More Upwind Sailing

Wind Messing With Us Some More For a while yesterday the wind disappeared and we powered up the engine and actually made progress directly the way we wanted to go ? one mile forward = one mile closer to our destination. How unusual. But it wasn’t to last, around midnight Read On..

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Toto…I Don’t Think We’re in Kansas Anymore…Day 15 to NZ

We’re in a new hemisphere. Last night around 3:30 in the morning we crossed the 180 degree longitude, and now our positions read 32° 49′ 28” South 178° 27′ 32” EAST That last is the big one. For our whole lives the longitude of our Lat/Long Positions have been in Read On..

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