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Things Falling off the Boat – Day 4 to New Cal

This seems to be the trip to find things that are vibrating apart or open. Yesterday we had the tack shackle come off the head sail. Today we discovered that the bolt that holds the Radar mount to the deck had worked loose. Fortunately, it too was found on the Read On..

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Day Three to New Cal

There’s not much new to report today. The conditions are about the same as yesterday, with 15-18 knot winds from the Southeast settling in. The sailing isn’t super fast, and it’s not straight at New Caledonia. We’re sailing about 30 degrees off of dead down wind, so at some point Read On..

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Day Two to New Caledonia

Day two was pretty uneventful. That is always a good thing. Motorsailing last night we shook two battens out of the main sail accidentally. It aeppears one landed on the deck, the other did not. It made a loud and alarming noise in the dark, but nothing was visibly wrong. Read On..

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Day One to New Caledonia

The first day to New Caledonia has been almost by the book from what we expected of the weather. Our weather forecasts predicted light to no wind the first night, and light Southerly breezes today. The expectation is that later in the trip the Southeast Trade Winds will fill in Read On..

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Catching up in New Zealand

Apologies to all for dropping off the face of the earth after our last post off the coast of New Zealand. One thing I did not mention is that while we were en route to New Zealand I got word from the states that my ninety-seven year old grandfather had Read On..


Wrapping it Up in Fiji

The plan, as it stands today, is to leave Savusavu, Fiji for New Zealand tomorrow. That is November 12th, our time…that will be Wednesday the 11th back on the home side of the dateline. Fiji has been a blast, and yes I owe you all a bunch of posts. I’ve Read On..

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Sometimes you just have to FIX some things. Readers may recall we’ve had some struggles with out freezer, mostly relating to it leaking refrigerant – that actually seems fixed.  There is one other design flaw in it that also causes occasional troubles in the tropics – we can’t open the Read On..

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//WL2K Land in Sight! Day 7 to Fiji

Land Ho! We’ve been able to see Fiji pretty much all day now. Specifically we an enormous volcanic mountain and the attached land, which we believe to be Kadavu Island with it’s 828 meter peak of Nabukelevu (also called Mt. Washington), an extinct volcano. That is not our destination, however Read On..

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Goodbye to Isla Isabela

As I said in the first post about Isla Isabela, it is one of our favorite places we’ve visited so far.  The abundant wildlife, the beautiful scenery and the sleepy little town all make it someplace special.  But tempis is always busy fugiting and our six month extended visas were Read On..

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It Was Not Us

Recently an American vessel named Evenstar was lost on route to Ecuador from Panama.  All hands were rescued safely by a passing freighter. IT WAS NOT US. There was a second Evenstar sharing the anchorage with us in Panama.  I met the owner a couple of times and I’d like Read On..

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