Evenstar’s crew is a family of four – B.J., Kathy, Will and Danielle Porter.  They originally hail from Warwick, Rhode Island in the United States.

B.J. and Kathy


B.J. and Kathy are college sweethearts that have been married since 1993.  Back in Real Life (Before Cruising) Kathy was an OB/Gyn in a busy practice in Warwick.  B.J. spent many years in the Information Technology business before turning to being a full time stay at home father for the last years before cruising.  As the kids got older that turned into “most time boat preparer for cruising”.

On the boat Kathy does most of the home schooling, while B.J. walks around poking at things with wrenches and multimeters while getting dirty and coming up more new phrases the children really shouldn’t repeat as he tries to fix things on the boat.



With a rescued Tortoise in Canuoan

With a rescued Tortoise in Canuoan

She is the official artist of Evenstar.  At seventeen Danielle loves to spend her time making things out of clay (especially dragons), reading, knitting, swimming, snorkeling, and watching any and all creatures that we see in our travels (except ostriches).

Recently she started her own business selling some of her creations.  Check out Danielle’s Dragons if you want to see some of her work.  You can also like Danielle’s Dragons on Facebook.

Not only is she artistic, she is an enthusiastic cook and baker.  She is the official maker of Jamaican Meat Patties, chocolate chip cookies and brownies on board and can always be counted on to take an interest in almost any new and different project going on in the galley.



Will on the trapeze

On the trapeze in St. Martin

Now nineteen and off at college, Will is attending Southampton Solent University in the U.K. to study Yacht Design. He’ll still be with us on holidays and hopefully in the summers, but we had to give him up during the school year.

His interests include sailing our Portland Pudgy all over the place,  getting to sail any dinghy or small boat he can get his hands on, designing yachts, and building and testing rather complicated sailing vessels out of common materials.


Line handling on the Panama Canal

On board Will is a watch stander on passages, minds our fleet of tenders and is always trying to make the boat a little bit faster.


  1. Jim Bousquet and Gwenn Delourme says:

    WOW!! You guys seem to be having a ball.
    Carry on and know that we are all thinking about you and miss you up here in the dead of winter. I think it was about 9 DF when my car reluctantly started this AM.

  2. Eduardo says:

    Hello to you all on board!!

    Just read your post at SailingAnarchy. Great! If you’re going to sail down to South America, Rio de Janeiro, actually, keep in touch! It will bee a pleasure give some support to you from here.
    So, my best wishes a safer trip and good winds.

  3. Christina Curtin says:

    Hello S/V Evenstar!!
    So nice to hear of your travels. Yes, your not in Grenada anymore. Thank you for sharing and be safe. Danielle, I would love to know how you make your Jamaican meat patties.

    Tina and Mark from S/V Rainbow