Some of the most common questions we get from people we meet (especially from people that aren’t cruisers)…

How long are you planning to keep sailing?

As long as we can.  Our hope is to keep going so long as health and money hold out.

What are you doing about school for the kids?

We are home schooling using purchased curriculum.  So far the kids like it; it seems they get a bit more depth in coverage on a lot of things.  Or maybe that is how we push them, but with homeschooling you finish the textbook in the course which you don’t always manage in a classroom.  For Will we are using the Keystone School, for Danielle are using Calvert School for the last year – she will switch to Keystone for high school.

What do you miss about home?

Home is where the anchor is; if we could bring all of our family and friends with us we would.  Do we miss much about daily like in the United States?  Not a whole lot, you can actually get a lot of the “things” out in the world that you can in the states, we’ve been amazed by the number of KFC franchises for example.

But we do miss family and friends and encourage them to visit us as much as we can.

Did you always want to do this?

Not always…but soon after the first time I heard about it I was intrigued.  We started discussing this around 2002-2003, though it wasn’t until more like 2004 or later that Kathy perhaps regarded this as being less than completely insane.  We purchased Evenstar in 2006 with the intent of leaving in 2-3 years but the economy didn’t cooperate.  Finally we realized in 2011 it was time to just DO IT if we wanted to take the kids with us.


Please feel free to submit more questions, I’ll answer them as best as we can.