Nous Sommes Arriv!

We’re anchored in Nouméa, though we’ve not cleared in yet.

Making the move to the alternate path in was the right move, and it got us to Nouméa just before sunset so we could anchor safely. The last 60 miles or so was motor sailing inside the reef for maximum speed so we could make the anchorage before dark.

We’ve no regular internet yet. The only service that would let me sign up wants a local Nouméa cell phone number, go figure. So for now, this is the update you get.

It’s lovely here, as expected, and we’re looking forward to clearing in tomorrow and exploring the town.

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  1. Mike Gehl says:

    Try “Arrivés” next time 😉

    1. B.J. says:

      That’s actually what I e-mailed in, but somehow the connection from Airmail via SSB/Ham e-mail being set to WordPress, it disliked my accent aigu and munged it. I didn’t bother to go back and fix it.

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