Things Falling off the Boat – Day 4 to New Cal

This seems to be the trip to find things that are vibrating apart or open.

Yesterday we had the tack shackle come off the head sail. Today we discovered that the bolt that holds the Radar mount to the deck had worked loose. Fortunately, it too was found on the deck along with it’s nuts and washers, and we were able to reinstall it. With Loctite, this time, even though it had a Nylock nut on it

And later, the shackle that held the topping lift to the book worked open. For the third time we were also lucky; the shackle loop was still in the topping lift, and we found the pin on the deck.

Still no fish today, though the water and the air are getting water.

The wind conditions are similar, 15-20 SE winds, which leave us zigging and zagging back and forth to sail dead down wind. We have more North to go that West, still. So we’re staying on Starboard tack and hoping for a shift to the East.

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