Where is Evenstar?

There are several ways to track Evenstar’s position, links to them are below.  After several problems with embedding directly, I thought to try this some more on a separate page in order to not kill the home page if a tracking site acts up.  So you get the links, and at the bottom an awkward but usable map from Shiptrak.

While we are making passages we periodically update our position to several free tracking services including Shiptrak and Pangolin.  Also, our position is automatically noted by the Ham radio APRS (Automated Packet Reporting System) which appears to make a note of our location whenever we connect to e-mail via Ham Radio.  This position may be slightly less precise than the others as I believe it uses our reported “Grid Square” as opposed to our exact position, but it is reasonably accurate when you are looking at a blank square of open ocean.  So the links:

Shiptrak.org – This takes most of our positions and loads them

Pangolin – This may only take one position point per day, depending on when we send the e-mail update.  Sometimes less up to date than Shiptrak, as we don’t always send the reports there.

APRS – Might be based off of our amateur radio “grid square”, not necessarily our reported GPS position from the ship’s instruments so may be off by a few miles.

Selecting “All Positions” is going to take a while on this map by the way, as it will plot every check-in we’ve made for the last three years.  Which is kind of cool, but takes some time.